How to Tune Your Online Meeting Better on Windows

As you may have heard, ezTalks is customer-oriented that aims at providing tailored video conferencing solutions and full services for customers. But knowing how to host ezTalks online meetings only is not enough, as a result, I’m to explain several useful settings of ezTalks that help to tune your video conference better in 3 parts.

First of all, login to ezTalks and navigate to the main interface of meeting room. Take a look at the sidebar on the left, you’ll find Attendees, Meeting Chat and Recording 3 sections as the picture below.

virtual meeting room sidebar

Part 1: Attendees Management


◆ Move the mouse to the attendee’s name and you’ll get following 3 settings.

attendees management

makes the attendee presenter.

cancels the attendee’s speaking right.

kicks out the attendee from the meeting.

◆ Meeting Control: Clickicon and you’ll get another 3 settings.

meeting control

–Mute All. Clickwould mute the whole virtual meeting room. In that case, all attendees hear nothing.

–Lock Meeting. Clickwould lock the meeting which guarantees the meeting won’t be disturbed and ensures the security of the meeting information. And you’ll get a notification as below if someone tries to join the meeting in progress.

join request

You can Accept or Reject depending on your needs and clickwill unlock the meeting. In short, this setting makes it hard for people to freely join the meeting in progress.

–Allow Whiteboard Mark. Clickallows all attendees to annotate on the whiteboard which is privileged to the host only.

◆ Invite Attendees: Clickicon to invite attendees while the online meeting is on.

Then there’ll be a window pop up enabling you to quickly send email invitation to your friends (if you’ve managed ezTalks contacts before).

invite attendees

◆ Volume Control:These 3 icons are used to alter the virtual meeting room to the best effect.

allows you to mute or adjust the volume of your headphone/loudspeaker.

allows you to mute or adjust the volume of your microphone.

cancels your speaking right that other attendees can’t hear you but they can still hear each other.

Part 2: Real-time Meeting Chat

In the section, you can send instant messages to other attendees. Click the drop-down icon you can choose to send real-time messages either to Everyone or a specific attendee.

send instant messages

In addition, you can set the font to your own style and send interesting emotion to other attendees as well.

Part 3: Meeting Recording

This section enables you to record online meeting in audio only or both audio and video for future use. You can check how to record online meeting for more details.

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How ezTalks Makes Mobile Care a Reality

The increasing influence of technology in almost all aspects of the industries has triggered the healthcare sectors to adapt to this change. Mobile care is an adaptation of mobile phones in tackling epidemic issues and creating automated messages to help patients be aware of the time they have to take their medications or to remind them of good health habits.

what is mobile care

As we all know, the long waiting list is one of the most despised problems in healthcare and to decrease the waiting time has been taken into account long ago. In addition, there have been incidences of misplaced or lost patient records causing great alarms in health facilities. Recently, with the presence of mobile phones and other technology, waiting time has sharply decreased and record keeping has greatly improved.

Mobile care allows health experts to accommodate all individuals with the special features like glucose monitor, electrocardiogram, recognizing the first indications of illnesses and other impending health problems. A majority of the lab tests could be performed away from the physician’s clinic through the use of innovative devices.

Knowledge on the proper application of mobile technology in healthcare enables greater ease of communication, easier data accessibility, more reliable storage of information as well as wilder application of ezTalks. ezTalks is the world’s leading online video conferencing provider that connects you with doctors anywhere at any time, which is highly beneficial for both physicians and patients. With ezTalks installed on mobile phone (Android/iOS), patients can always set an online video conference with health specialist who is away.

eztalks mobile care

Another issues related to mobile care is privacy concern and confidentiality. Privacy concern depends on how institutions and medical providers keep patient records. ezTalks makes it a point that these issues are properly addressed by keeping all records in Cloud. Without further ado, just give ezTalks a free trial below to find how ezTalks maximizes the value of mobile care yourself!

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10 Questions You Should NEVER Ask in an Online Job Interview

For some, interviews can be extremely stressful and nerve-wracking no matter it’s conducted on the spot or requires you to come up with answers to questions on the fly. What’s more, you need to seize good timing to ask employers proper questions which helps you to decide if the company is the best for you. But note that there’re some questions recognized as “killer” resulting in bad impression on the employers at the cost of failing the online interview. The following lists 10 questions that you should NEVER ask during a job interview online.

questions not to ask

1. What does your company do?

Never ask any information that you could have gotten in a simple Google search. Before you have even written your resume and applied for the job, you should have already done some research and have a good understanding of the company. Asking this question shows the employer that you didn’t take the time to prepare for your interview and instead, wasted their time interviewing you for a position you don’t really care about.

2. How much does this job pay?

This question is a big no-no for employers. Employers want to know that you’re in love with the job, not how much you’re getting paid for it! Money is the elephant in the room for an interview and while you might be genuinely curious about the pay, salary shouldn’t come up until after you’ve already been offered the job.

3. What kinds of benefits do I get from working here?

Similarly to the last questions, asking about benefits can be seen as selfish and may seem like you’re only interested in the job for the money and special perks rather than the job itself. The employer may think that you won’t be a devoted employee and won’t be committed to the work since they think you are only interested in the money and the perks.

4. How fast do people get a promotion or pay raise?

Asking this question during an interview can make it seems like you’re trying to climb the professional hierarchy and rather than trying to contribute to the company in a positive and effective way, an employer may think that you are trying to earn as much money possible and just want to be at the top.

5. Could I work on Fridays instead of Saturdays?

Changing schedules, salary, etc. should never come up in your interview. It makes it seem like you aren’t satisfied with the job you’re asking for and want to change it before it has even been offered to you. You can discuss scheduling after been given the offer but never ask when the employer is first starting to get to know you

6. Do you do background checks?

Will you check my Facebook, Twitter, etc? By asking if the company conducts background checks, it suggests that you have something to hide. It makes you look suspicious and the employer will be more cautious about hiring you (they may even assume you have a criminal record!).

7. Do you monitor internet usage?

Never ask about a company’s internet surveillance. The employer may get the feeling that you are doing things that you shouldn’t be doing while working (either legal or illegal). Every employer wants dedicated employees and asking about monitoring internet usage may look like you are going to do anything but work in the office.

8. Could I work from home?

Wait until after you have been given the job to discuss telecommuting. The employer may start to wonder why you don’t want to work from the office when you haven’t even seen it or been a part of the working environment.

9. What do you least like about your boss?

You may have started to hear some dirt about the company but your interview is not the time for a gossip session about your interviewer’s boss. It will only make you look like you focus on the negatives of the company and don’t respect authority figures.

10. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/spouse?

Do not ask about the interviewer’s personal life. You may have friendly intentions and may just want to get to know them better, but it might be a sensitive area and the questions really have nothing to do with the job so it is best that they are avoided entirely.

While all of these questions could potentially cause problems in an online interview, you should still ask questions! Not asking any questions at all makes it as if you weren’t really interested in the company or you didn’t really understand (or care to understand) what the company does or how it functions. Keep above no-no in mind and ask questions wisely!

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